10 Tips to Buy Used Generators

A lot of people now are buying used generators for their businesses and homes. This shift naturally raises the question, why? Why are people buying used generators and not first-hand ones? The answer is quite simple. They are like second-hand cars- more reliable and efficient, and not to mention, cheap. 

But, for one thing, second-hand generators do not have manufacturer’s protection. So, while making a purchase, you have to be careful about the quality. Hence, here we have 10 tips to buy used generators for you. We have precisely discussed what to look for when buying a generator. If you are ready, let’s get started. 

Things to Look for When Buying a Used Generator

Age of the Generator

The first and foremost consideration when buying a second-hand generator is its age. Do you think that an old generator will be worthy enough to power everything? Well, to some extent, the age of the generator will be a deciding factor while buying a used generator. 

So, while buying a used generator, make sure you check the working hour. Like most other cars, generators also have an odometer where you can check their usage history. If the generator was used as a standby one, it would offer you better performance. The reader would show high reading if the generator gave a continuous power supply.  

For a fact, standby generators are maintained far better than the ones used for continuous power supply. 

Run a Load Bank Test

Running a load test is the second most important thing you should do. You can use a mobile load bank unit for the test. It successfully measures the initial operation load that your generator can surpass while running. Running a load test helps you understand the capability of the system. 

It also helps you point out the malfunctioning (if any) in the used generators. It checks whether your generator is working fine and not deteriorating at any point. Running a load test on used generators is similar to running a test drive on a second-hand car for an hour to check its performance. 

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Check the Manufacturer

Reputation plays a great role when you purchase an electrical appliance. The brand is a guarantee that the product at least has some quality. For example, if you are to buy a first-hand generator, wouldn’t you prefer Generac over some other unknown brands? For used generators, it is the same thing. 

Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator

When you buy used generators, make sure you know the brand is good. However, the generator may not have the manufacturer’s protection anymore, but you will know the parts are authentic. That, in some ways, helps to determine the quality of the machine. 

Here is a list of some of the best generator brands:

Who’s The Dealer

So, from where are you exactly buying your generator? The purpose of the question is that the seller plays an important role in buying used generators. For example, if you buy industrial-grade used generators, you would definitely need them to be maintained properly by skilled engineers. 

So, it would be better if you buy your generator from a skilled and experienced supplier. He would have a better knowledge of the models. A trusted supplier is also great at maintaining the engines. You can rely on them during emergencies. It also safeguards your investment. 

Run a Personal Inspection 

Relying on your instincts can be helpful while you are finding the best used generators. At this point, your aim should be to gather as much information as possible about the generator. Ask the supplier for such details. 

You should also ask the previous owner about its maintenance details, repairs, and how he used it. Check if the generator has any mark of wear or tear. You should also inspect if there are any corrosion build-up, broken parts, or cracks. These factors will impact the product’s ultimate price. 

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Replace the Bearings and Bushings

The bearings and bushing of a generator go through many stresses during the operation of the machine. And it is hard to run a stress test on these parts. For used generators, the bearing and bushing should be replaced before making a purchase. 

It is to ensure that the generator won’t be failing during its operation after you buy it. So, if the seller has not already done it, you should take the initiative. You can ask him/her or do it yourself after making the purchase. 

Size of The Generator

Whether you are buying used generators or new ones, the size is what to look for when buying a generator. The purpose is to ensure the best performance with the least spending. 

Portable WEN Generator

The question is, why are you buying it? If you want it for standby power, a small or medium generator will help. However, you can go for industrial generators if the power demand is high. Smaller generators are easy to install. They are also portable sometimes.

Type of The Generator

This is another common generator buying factor. What type of generator do you want? There are portable generators, standby generators, and inverter generators. Also, these generators have different fuel sources. While some run on gasoline, others may be powered by diesel or solar power. It is better to know about these before you make a purchase. 

Noise Level

Honda EU2200i Noise Level

Old generators tend to make more noise. However, a well-maintained generator won’t cause the same problem. You cannot overlook noise if you are purchasing it for home. So, it would be better to check if the noise level is disturbing enough or on the right side. 


Price will always be a factor whenever you purchase anything. But in this case, price is one of the biggest reasons you are buying a used generator. Used generators are typically cheaper than the new ones. But the price should justify the present condition. Hence, after you run all these quality checks, make sure the offered price stands justified. 


Buying used generators can sometimes be a little complicated. But with these 10 tips to buy used generators, one can hit the goal in one go. We hope this guide was helpful enough for you to make a new purchase. That said, do check our other topics for more generator-related info. 

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