Never Run out of Power with these 5 Best Tri Fuel Generators

If you live in an area where blackouts are a common occurrence or want to lower the electricity bills, a tri-fuel electric generator is necessary. Tri-fuel generators allow you to use a variety of fuels, thus solving the problem of the unavailability of gasoline in some areas. Now that tri-fuel generators can run on much cheaper fuels, you can also use them to lower your electricity bill.

Even if you bought your generator for your office or RV, do you mind if it runs on natural gas too? You never thought of gasoline going short, or weather not suitable to get some for your generator, what a heaven would it be where your generator runs on LNG!

We did extensive research into this and brought you the best tri-fuel generator, which is Champion Power Equipment TRI Fuel Natural Gas Generator. Apart from the reputable name on the market, Champion Power Equipment is safe for your health and can be trusted with your electronics.

The list below is based on the checklist we made after consulting experts and thorough reviews. We have shortlisted the best five fuel generators and classified them based on 

  1. Weight and durability
  2. Life span
  3. Power output 
  4. Fuel efficiency

If you are ready to actually get informed and be well-aware of things you should know when buying a tri-fuel generator, let’s not wait any longer!

5 Best Tri-Fuel Generators: Reviewed and Compared

Here comes the fun part! We have discussed all you need to know to make a decision for your best tri-fuel generator:

1.  Champion Power Equipment 100416 10,000/8,000-Watt TRI Fuel Natural Gas Generator: Best Pick Overall

In the list of best tri-fuel generators, Champion Power Equipment 100416 has earned first place. It can run on literally every fuel you give it. The gigantic 459cc 4-stroke Champion engine can burn Gasoline, Natural Gas, and LPG. To feed this huge engine, a huge fuel tank with a capacity of 8.5 gallons is provided.

You get the most power with gasoline rated as 10000-watts peak power with a continuous 8000-watts. Next is natural gas which gives an 8750-watts surge power and 7000-watts running wattage. Lastly, propane can produce 7200-watts of constant power with 9000-watts of peak power.

Not only does it provide power and a lot of fuel options, but Champion Power Equipment 100416 also offers portability. Campers and onsite workers love it because of its compact size and less weight. Unlike many other generators on the list, Champion Power Equipment 100416 has acceptable noise levels. This is another reason why it’s the all-time favorite among people.

Champion Power Equipment 100416 cares about your health too. It is equipped with Champion’s technology called the CO shield. The generator is fitted with CO gas sensors and a computer. The computer shuts the engine off when there are unacceptably high levels of this poisonous gas.

The power outlets consist of both 120V and 240V plugs. These outlets are protected with Champion’s Volt Guard technology, which prevents the generator from overloading your electronics. Champion Power Equipment 100416 truly is the best choice available.

  • Product Dimensions: 27.6 x 28.2 x 26 inches
  • Wattage: 8000 watts
  • Weight: 207 Pounds

What we Like:

  • 12.5 hours running time
  • Electric start engine
  • High power output

What we don’t Like

  • Running time is not great with propane (only 5 hours)
  • No remote start

2.  DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator: Best Durable

The DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator is called the beast when it comes to tri-fuel generators. With this tri-fuel generator, you get a heavy-duty steel frame, huge wheels, and a lot of power.

The heavy 457cc OHV engine made by DuroMax provides a 9500-watts running power with a surge power of 12000-watts. It doesn’t matter whether you plug in a refrigerator or an air conditioner with this much power.

The fuel tanks are big, with 8.5 gallons of fuel capacity, which is enough to run the generator for more than 8 hours nonstop.

The DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator is made for harsh working environments. The sturdy wheels can bear rugged terrain and will never get flat. It is known for its robust body and long run.

The outstanding feature of the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator is its control panel on the side. The LED lights indicate the oil and fuel levels. The control panel also allows you to estimate the efficiency and power load.

There are plenty of power outlets with the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator. You get one 120/240V outlet (50A), one twist lock plug (120/240 Volts 30 Amps), and two standard 120V 20A household outlets.

DuroMax XP12000EH Dual-fuel Generator has a tool kit storage that comes in handy when working outdoors. You get DC cables, a whole tool kit, a spark plug wrench, and a wheel kit with the box.

  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 29 x 26 inches
  • Wattage: 12000 watts
  • Weight: 224 Pounds

What We Like:

  •         Sturdy steel design for rugged terrain
  •         Plenty of outlets
  •         Tool kit provided

What We Don’t Like:

  •         Very heavy with 224 pounds of unit weight
  •         Required extra space due to huge wheels

3.  Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500-Watt Portable Generator: Best Portable

Generac 7127 iQ3500 is the cleanest-looking generator on the list. If you want something portable for your camping trips, outdoor BBQ parties or tailgating, Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500-Watt Portable Generator is the best option.

The enclosed engine provides 3500-watt peak power and 3000-watt continuous running power. Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500-Watt Portable Generator can run for straight 8.5 hours on a 2.6-gallon fuel tank which is enough for a generator of this size.

With only 100 pounds of weight, it is easier to move around than most generators. With only 44 decibels of running noise, you won’t even notice that a generator is powering up your appliances.

Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500-Watt Portable Generator can be operated from the user-friendly control panel on the side of the generator. The panel even has a digital screen to give you information about the running voltage etc.

It also allows being operated at two-speed levels. You can adjust the speed levels using a dial per your power requirements. The adjustable speed option makes the generator more fuel-efficient.

  • Product Dimensions: 23.7 x 18 x 21.7 inches
  • Wattage: 3500 watts
  • Weight: 109 Pounds

What we Like:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Silent generator
  • Durable steel body for a long lifespan

What we don’t Like:

  • Only 8.5 hours of running time
  • No wheels for easy transportation

4. Westinghouse Outdoor WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Generator: Best Powerful

Suppose you think a common fuel generator is insufficient to meet your energy requirements. In that case, Westinghouse Outdoor WGen9500DF is the choice for you. Not only is this generator powerful, but it also has a strong body making it durable and reliable.

A 457cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine powers this beast. This engine allows the generator to produce whopping 12500-watts peak power and a 9500 watts continuous power supply when running on gasoline. With propane, it produces an 8500 watts constant power with 11200-watts peak power.

The engine has a low oil shutdown system and a digital hour meter keeping the engine as fuel-efficient as possible.

The generator is a convenient choice too. It has a huge 6.6 gallons fuel tank that can run the engine for 12 hours straight. The generator has an Electric and Recoil start feature to get the engine running quickly for even more convenience.

Moreover, the Westinghouse generator has one RV ready 120/240V 14–50R, one transfer switch ready 120V L14-30R, and two GFCI 120V 5–20R standard household receptacles.

  • Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches
  • Wattage: 9500 watts
  • Weight: 211 pounds

What we Like:

  • The massive peak power output of 12500-watt
  • Automatic electronic start
  • Enormous fuel tank with a capacity of 6.6 gallons

What we don’t Like:

  •         Heavy because of considerable size and sturdy frame
  •         Provides less value for your money

5. Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Fuel Generator: Best Value for Money

Among the best dual fuel generators, Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator is at the top. Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator is a perfect option for a household generator. It combines power and portability in just the right way.

On LPG, Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator produces 3300-watts of continuous power. While on gasoline, it can supply 3650-watts of constant power with 4550-watt peak power. And with a tank capacity of 5 gallons, Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator can run for 14 hours non-stop with both fuel options.

Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator provides a certain amount of portability as well. With its two rear wheels and reasonably compact size, you can carry it to picnics or BBQs. Another great plus point for Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator is its quiet engine. With only 67 decibels, we promise that the generator won’t disturb your neighbors.

FIRMAN cares about its customers and, thus, includes many accessories in the box. You get two wrenches, a 5.5-foot-long extended propane hose, a spark plug wrench, and an oil funnel. These things make Firman Recoil Start Gas or Propane Generator an excellent value for each of your pennies.

  • Product Dimensions: 24.7 x 21.8 x 21.6 inches
  • Wattage: 3650 watts
  • Weight: 58.06 Kilograms

What we Like:

  • 14-hour runtime is more than enough
  • A lot of accessories included in the box
  • RV compatible

What we don’t Like:

  • Propane tank not included
  • Oil leakage complaints recorded

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Tri-Fuel Generator

Searching for a tri-fuel generator can be a headache because there are too many on the market to choose from. So, you must shortlist them before selecting the best one.

There are certain things you should look into before buying a tri-fuel generator.

I. Where are you going to use the generator?

Not only can you use tri-fuel generators for homes, they can also be used on trips and camping trips. If you are using it for just your home, then we recommend buying a tri-fuel generator. Otherwise, a dual-fuel generator is the best idea for you.

II. Power Outlets

The number of devices that can be powered depends on the number of outlets the tri-fuel generator has. So, it is best to consider the one with at least three outlets.

Most tri-fuel generators come with four 120V outlets. But if there are more, it is even better. You can also look for a twist-lock style power outlet (120V/240V) for refrigerators or air conditioners.

III. Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel tank capacity is another factor to consider before buying a tri-fuel generator. There are separate fuel tanks for gasoline and propane, while natural gas pipes can be connected directly. Sometimes, only a gasoline tank is provided, and you have to buy and fit the propane tank separately. So, look out for that.

A 6-gallon gasoline fuel tank can give more than 10 hours of running time. It is enough for a household, but it might not be enough if the tri-fuel generator is being used at a work site.

IV. Usage Frequency or Durability of the Generator

Many generators carry a hefty price tag because of their sturdy and reliable design. But sometimes, you don’t need these things. 

If you are going to use the tri-fuel generator daily for a couple of hours, you should pay this price. But if the purpose of buying a tri-fuel generator is emergency power, then there is no need to consider this factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fuel is Cheaper to Use for a Generator: Gas or Propane?

Propane is more efficient than gas but has a slightly higher per-gallon price. Propane burns less and produces more energy than gas, so it is cheaper to use overall.

Which is the Most Efficient Fuel for Generators?

The most efficient fuel is diesel which comes as a fuel option in some tri-fuel generators. But they are rare. The second-best efficient choice is gasoline. After gasoline comes propane and then natural gas.

But it can also vary. You need to be informed on this to decide for your brand and type of generator.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Tri Fuel Generator?

The advantage you get with tri-fuel generators is flexibility and freedom. Gasoline can be costly in some areas thus, making other fuels a more affordable option. Gasoline can also be hazardous to store in large amounts at home.


After rigorously researching tons of products, we have found Champion Power Equipment 100416 TRI Fuel Natural Gas Generator as the best tri-fuel generator you can buy. It caters to all the needs of an average household. It is quiet, safe with appliances, and very reliable. A 9000-watt power supply can also be used to run small onsite machinery.

We have our full recommendation for Champion Power Equipment 100416 TRI Fuel Natural Gas Generator!

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