8 Best Small Generator for Sump Pumps and Buying Guide

Imagine having one of the best (& free) Sundays you have had in a while! You are enjoying the music, the wind rushing by – the barbeque is all set up. Suddenly, there is a power cut and everything comes to a standstill. What a downer isn’t it?

What if you are working for home, have an important video conference call to attend and there is a sudden power cut? 

No Wi-Fi, no laptop charging. You are stuck! 

Don’t they sound like a solid reason to have an awesome portable generator in the house?

Even though portable generators are for the most part the same in functionality, they may contrast in their highlights and quality from brand to mark. 

You could look over generators controlled by a scope of fills — from petroleum type convenient generators, diesel type versatile generators, and petroleum + LPG type compact generators to just LPG type generators. Gas Tech and Honda are names to deal with regards to creating reasonable quality compact generators of power.

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Why Is It Important to Get the Right Device for Yourself?

Some things, like a power cut, are inevitable and not under your control. What is under your control is to have a backup, right? 

WEN Portable Generator

You don’t have to worry about emergencies with a backup. Even though there are multiple large-sized generators available in the market, portable generators are very handy and the best choice for personal use. 

Furthermore, it will help in the prevention of spoilage of food. If you have a medical emergency, having a portable generator during a shortage will serve as a boon. Selections made according to what you want and need should be your priority and this is the sole reasoning which will help you buy the right generator for you.

8 Best Small Generator for Sump Pumps and Buying Guide

1. Westinghouse iGen 2200 – Best Quiet Generator

sound less than 52 decibels. Not just the sound but also, it is quite lightweight, which is one of the major demands of every customer. 

Also, the design of the generator is attractive, as well. The generator just weighs 46 pounds. Hence it would be very easy to carry this out in any campaign trek.

Apart from the weight, we have seen many best features in this portable generator, like the generator is apt enough to deliver 220 starting watts and 1800 running watts. 

There are two standard outlets of this generator, each of 120V, and both are multipurpose.  The total harmonic distribution of the generator is just 3 percent. Hence, one can charge their sensitive devices phones or laptops, as there are also 2 USB ports for it. So we even claim this generator as the best generator for electronics

The runtime of this generator is 12 hours. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for a whole day trip or camping. 

The panel has some more best features, like the 20A circuit breaker along with the efficiency mode button. This efficiency mode will let the generator consume less fuel and work a little longer than usual.

We are appreciating and keeping this generator at the top for many reasons, as in the past year if you have got tired because of a generator that smells like some burning fuel, the inbuilt air filter of Westinghouse iGen 2200 is a savior!

Key Features
  • Efficiency mode to use fuel optimally
  • A control switch to switch between engine or fuel
  • 20A circuit breaker
  • LED indicators
  • 120V AC covered outlet
  • Highly affordable
  • Three-year Westinghouse warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Superior engine
  • No fuel gauge

2. Honda EU3000is Best Whole House generators

Honda EU3000iS

Honda is famous as the best generator brands, and we will state the reason why? Honda EU 3000is is built with a highly reliable Honda engine, with a durable steel frame that can last up to years.

What we have found interesting about this generator is its capability of delivering 3000 running watts of power because of its four-stroke engine. Hence one can use large electric equipment like AC or refrigerators with much ease. 

The reason behind telling Honda EU3000is is the best whole house generator is it worked well as a backup during the hurricane. It performs well at the job site and outdoors, too, as it has a manual recoil that can be used in any emergency.

The runtime of this generator is around 8 hours, but it can work for 20 hours, too, if there is a 25% load only. The engine produces excellent power, and while running, the generator doesn’t make noise. As per the customer reviews, there were no strong vibrations, and one can speak comfortably without any hindrance.

Key Features
  • 3.4-gallon oil tank capacity
  • 3000 running watts
  • Durable steel frame
  • Honda GX200 196cc Engine
  • Super quiet
  • Three-year warranty
  • Best for heavy use
  • No extra accessory provided
  • Not portable at all

3. Westinghouse iGen 4500 – Remote Start Generator

Westinghouse iGen 4500

Westinghouse iGen4500 brings multiple features to the table to the consumer; the neighbors won’t get disturbed as it produces sound less than 52 decibels. We also claim this generator as the best inverter generator because of the customer’s experience.

It comes in our list at the top third because it offers high specification at an affordable price range. In less than 3% THD, the generator generates 4500 surge watts and 3700 running watts, making it a perfect balance. 

The weight of the generator is nearly 100 pounds, but it never worries the customer because of its compact design and telescopic handle. 

Its Telescoping Handle allows fast, smooth movements. The Gas Powered engine of the generator supports Remote Start, Key Fob. 

In the plug, there is a double USB outlet and two 5-20 R 120V household outlets.  Along with all this, there is even an RV-Ready Tt-30 30 Amp Outlet. Hence it can be the best portable generator if you wish to travel anywhere. 

There is even an efficiency mode for managing fuel efficiency. The customers are very much pleased with the design and the features of this generator. Hence, it is at our top three list!

Key Features
  • 3.4-gallon tank size
  • Remote start
  • 4500 surge watt and 3700 running watt
  • 52-decibel noise level
  • 18 hours run time
  • Compact size and highly portable
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Low noise
  • Plastic exterior

4. Honda eu2200i – Best Quiet Generator

Honda EU2200i

The noise level of the Honda eu2200i is just 48 decibels because of which we have rated this generator as the best quiet generator. Along with this, there are lots of other advantages too covered with this generator.

The generator has 2200-watt power, which is attracted by many customers. But we have got disappointed with the look because Honda has followed it’s signature black and red look, which becomes a bit boring too.

But the plus point we can say about the generator is its user-friendly features like the fuel shutoff, and dedicated parts to control the oil usage. 

Apart from the generator coming with 2200 watt surge power and 1800 watt running power, there’s low noise. Also, being the best inverter generator, it even has parallel compatibility too. 

The customer has paralleled the generator with the sameEU2200i and EU2000i version, and they got the best response through it!

Key Features
  • Eco throttle technology
  • Improved ventilation
  • Honda GXR120 engine
  • Lightweight design
  • Enhance cooling
  • Parallel capacity
  • Low run time

5. Generac gp2200i – Best Camping Generator

Generac 7117 GP2200i

This generator was a surprise for us because it’s quite lightweight and portable too, but the power the generator produces is fantastic! Hence it’s our best pick under the best camping generator. The design of the generator is also quite stylish. Thus most of the customers prefer this generator for outdoor activities.

And while trekking or camping, if the user wants to charge their sensitive devices like phone or speaker, then the true power technology provides proper voltage.

This generator can run eleven-hour long, with one-quarter load in it. But what disappointed us in this generator is it has a very tiny gallon of just 1.2 fuel holding capacity. But the advanced technology and the fast engine speed hide the flaws of the generator.

The design is enclosed through which there is no noise produced, and no one will get irritated by the vibrations while trekking. It has a built handle, and it weighs merely 46.6 lbs. 

The generator is even said as a best portable inverter generator because it has lots of features integrated into it, like the run, off, choke knobs, and it is easy to start.

Key Features
  • Fuel efficiency mode
  • Enclosed design
  • True power technology
  • Weighs 46.6 lbs
  • Better battery life
  • LED indicators
  • Highly Portable
  • Just a recoil starter

6. Honda eu1000i – Best Inverter Generator

Honda EU1000i

compared to all other Honda generators. We even claim this inverter generator as a super quiet generator because the noise level of it is between 53 to 59 decibels, and it is very much compatible. Most of the customers have found this inverter generator best for their home use as well because all the small appliances like fan, light, and TV work smoothly.

This generator is even ideal for camping and off driving; hence it can be said as the best portable generator because one can move it quickly in the destination.

It’s a power pack generator in such a light package, as the advanced Honda inverter technology makes it even more stable. 

If you are looking out for some more features, then there is even an oil alert in the generator. The engine automatically shuts off when there’s low oil detected. And we thank Honda for giving the eco throttle system in such a budget-friendly price range. 

The fuel efficiency of the generator is too good, and it can run up to 9 hours straight at half the load. Overall, it’s the best buy if you are looking out for a portable yet budget-friendly generator.

Key Features
  • 1000 surge watt, 900 running watt
  • Inverter technology
  • Honda 49cc 1.8HP GXH50 quality engine
  • 53-decibel noise level
  • Great portability
  • Fuel shut off valve
  • 9 hours run time
  • No fuel gauge

7. Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator – Best Generator for emergency preparedness

Westinghouse WGen3600v

Although we got disappointed by the 68-decibel noise level, most of the customers have found this generator as the best generator for emergency preparedness. Most of the residential users have found this a great powerhouse because of its 3600-running watt capacity.

The generator can run for almost 14 hours straight by using 4-gallon gasoline fuel. Also, it features a 212cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine, which makes it even more potent at any emergency condition. If there’s any power cut for long hours, this generator is your savior!

Also, if you are looking out to buy a generator for distant travel purposes, then the RV Ready TT-30R 30A outlet works conveniently. One can readily use the air conditioners and other travel necessities all-day long.

The panel of the generator is also very intuitive and user friendly, as there are yellow touchpoints at the center to guide the user. Overall, the generator lasts for an extended period if maintained properly, as there is even lifetime technical support provided by Westinghouse.

Key Features
  • 13.5 hour run time
  • 4650 peak watt and 3600 running watt
  • 212cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Overload protection
  • Mobility kit provided
  • High output
  • Great efficiency
  • Highest fuel tank capacity
  • No hour meter
  • Heavy

8. Honda eu2000i – Best standby generator for home use

Honda eu2000i

If your search is for an ideal and portable generator that can charge your phone without causing any damage, then this is our best pick for the best standby generator for home use.

While the run time of the generator is low as compared to all other generators, but in minimum load, most of the customers have found Honda eu2000i to run for 8 hours. The feature of this generator is very much similar to all other Honda generators.

This is an upgraded version by Honda, and it is very user friendly – want to know why? One can start the generator by turning the choke on, and by switching on the engine.

While it’s described that the noise level of this generator is 48 decibels, but we have experienced it up to 57 decibels, and that’s not too bad. Hence it is even ideal for camping, and we can say that it is the best generator for camping also. 

Same like all other Honda generators, even this generator comes with an eco throttle system for fuel-efficiency, and it can run up to 9 hours straight on a single tank. 

Hence, it is an ideal choice as a standby generator, because of the lighter package and stable technology!

Key Features
  • Honda GXR120 engine
  • 2200 surge watt and 1800 rated watt
  • 46.5 lbs weight
  • Eco throttle system
  • Automatic oil alert
  • Sound dampening material
  • User-friendly features
  • No fuel gauges
  • No oil extension tube

Buyers Guide to pick The Best Portable Generators

Making the best choice for anything you buy seems like the most obvious thing to do. However, we all know how much time can go into researching, especially with all the products available in the market. 

Generator Power Supply

We decided to make your work easier by assorting a list of the best portable generators available in the market, along with a handy guide that will help you to make an informed decision according to your needs!  

So, what is it that you need to look at before making the correct choice? We have listed down a couple of important pointers that will help you make the best and well aware choice according to your needs

Know your needs – calculate what to buy!

The first thing to look into a generator is its power yield. Generally, in market terms, generators are sold & priced according to the power they yield, which is measured in watts. 

How many apparatuses and light can you run with one generator? The answer lies in their measure of intensity. 

The quality and consistency of that force decide how well the apparatuses & lights will work. We figured that a power yield of around five thousand watts should be enough to cover the needs of a regular house.

You can start by making a list of the necessary equipment that you cannot do without. While writing down, at that point, in front of the listings include their watts to get you in the correct ballpark. Here are some approximate numbers for regular household units:

  • Fridge: up to 600 Watts
  • Water Pump: up to 1500 Watts
  • Geyser: 1500 Watts
  • Air Conditioner: 1000 Watts
  • Lights & Fans: up to 600 Watts
  • Computer: up to 300 Watts

Make a note of your type – Here’s what you need to know!

Honda RV Generator

Once you have calculated what is exactly that you need, how to match the correct one to your needs? Here is why we have come up with the types of portable generators to help you decide exactly what you need.

1. Solar or Battery Portable Generators

  • Main Use: Campsite or Home
  • Frequency of use: Occasional
  • Fuel Type: Solar
  • Watts: 80W- 3kW

Do you need a generator that won’t simply power your stuff, yet controls itself as well? Elective force stations are getting progressively well known as the requests for sustainable power source and convenient force increment. 

There is no commotion, exhaust, or fuel engaged with these solar-based force stations, making them immaculate to have for outdoors or zones without essential force sources. These generators are likewise good for the entirety of your delicate gadgets, and as sun powered force innovation keeps on improving, they’re rapidly shutting the hole between solar force and other convenient force choices.

2. Recreational Portable Generators

  • Main Use: Campsite
  • Frequency of use: Occasional
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Watts: 800W- 12kW

At a point when you hear the expression outdoors generators, you may think of them as boisterous and irritating. But, Not any longer. New inverter generators are fundamentally the broadband substitution to old regular outdoor generators, which are currently as disliked as dial-up network access. The best in class innovation was over the top expensive quite a while back. Be that as it may, costs and clamor levels have dropped fundamentally as of late. Recreational generators are at long last valued by RV fans and tailgaters.

3. Emergency Portable Generators

  • Main Use: Home
  • Frequency of use: Periodic
  • Fuel Type: Gas or LP Natural Gas
  • Watts: 1 -17kW

Recreational generators are extraordinary for closely following or camping activities. A power shortage, nonetheless, is difficult. Little models will just power a machine or two. Besides, you’ll have to top off their little gas tanks like clockwork. Crisis convenient generators, nonetheless, highlight bigger and all the more impressive motors intended to re-establish capacity to crucial apparatuses like coolers, sump siphons, TVs, and lights. Moreover, crisis generators come outfitted with bigger gas tanks intended to run hours without interference. While not exactly an expert evaluation, these generators are tough yet reasonable.

4. Semi-Professional Generators

  • Main Use: Home or Job
  • Frequency of use: Regular use
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Watts: 3 -10kW

Semi-professional generators are famous among household owners with top of the line taste and temporary workers with visit power needs. With top-notch motors and sturdy segments, semi-professional generators are similarly fit for re-establishing capacity to a home from a power outage as they are driving devices on a place of work. While they might not have all the extravagant accessories found on proficient models, these are rock solid generators. If you’ll be utilizing your generator solely on a place of work, get an expert model.

5. Professional Portable Generators

  • Main Use: Job
  • Frequency of use: Daily basis
  • Fuel Type: Gas or Diesel
  • Watts: 1 -15kW

It’s normal to see an expert versatile generator going to a year-end party or saving a mortgage holder during a power outage. You won’t, in any case, discover proficient evaluation generators rusting outside your nearby tool shop. These genuine obligation generators are worked in restricted amounts for experts, who perceive that quality doesn’t come modestly. Proficient generators are developed with business quality segments intended to run a full move every day. Fundamental highlights – like hour meters, lifting eyes, and GFCI outlets – are not ostentation, they are necessities.

Portable Generators Checklist – Look out for these!

WEN Generator Starting

The following are the features of portable generators that everyone should look for before buying:

  • Automated CO Shutoff
  • An Engine with Low CO
  • Should Support Automated Start
  • Should Support Electric Start
  • An Alternate Fuel Capacity
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Removable Console
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Low Oil Shutoff
  • Transfer Switch

Some Safety Precautionary Measures you should take for its Longevity!

  • Carbon Monoxide and Ventilation exhaust
  • Gasoline, Fuelling and burn preventions
  • Electrocution and Electrical shock hazards and mishaps
  • Grounding of your generator


Q1. Where do I purchase parts for my portable generator?

Answer: To purchase parts for your portable generator, you should contact your local authorized dealer. This will assure you quality parts and also make sure that you get the best for your portable generator ensuring its maintenance and longevity.

Q2. Do I need to ground my portable generator?

Answer: For security reasons, the generator must be appropriately grounded. If the generator isn’t grounded, there is a possibility of electric shock. Check and hold fast to all material federal, state, and nearby guidelines identifying concerning your portable generators grounding.

Q3. Can I plug all my appliances to my Portable Generator during a power shortage?

Answer: You can plug your household unit machines and gadgets into your portable generator not everything at the same time. Doing so will result in short-circuiting. Never plug your generator into an outlet in your home. If you’d prefer to connect your portable generator to your home’s wiring framework, have a proper certified electrician do the fitting and install an approved manual power transfer switch in compliance with electrical codes.

Q4. What exactly is a transfer switch?

Answer: The connection of your portable generator to your household applications is possible with the help of a transfer switch. The transfer switch will safely disconnect you from the security grid. In turn, by doing so, it helps prevent and eliminate any chances of back-feed.

Q5. Is it a correct practice to vent out the exhaust out of an enclosed area?

Answer: Never vent out or run a portable generator in an enclosed area. The basic design structure of a portable generator is to run outside where there is scope for ventilation. These generators contain poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, which is inhaled by humans, can cause severe respiratory damage or even death. Hence, do not run your generator in an enclosed area on principle.  

Winner of the race – Honda eu2000i (5 Star Rating)

Honda eu2000i protable generator

What did we like?

1. Weight & Design

Probably the best element and reasons you’ll likely be keen on the Honda EU2000i is that the generator is versatile and incredible. It weighs around 50 pounds and flaunts 120 volts. That is all that could be needed to control machines like fridges in an outdoors or crisis circumstance. 

Also, you can utilize the generator with progressively touchy things like TVs and PDAs. It’s an extraordinary all-around machine that will serve the greater part of your needs regardless of whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or planning for a power blackout making it the best portable generator according to us.

2. Sound and Noise

The generator runs for quite a while too. It can last very nearly three and a half hours when utilizing full burden, and an incredible eight hours when running at a quarter load. That implies you can utilize it to control your littler gadgets short-term on the off chance that you have to. 

The sound rating is another positive trait of the Honda EU2000i. It’s just evaluated for 50-60 decibels relying upon the heap with the goal that you won’t trouble neighbors or others at the campground. Some unique sound-housing materials in the generator guarantee it’s a tranquil method to control your apparatuses.

2. Maintenance & Warranty

You don’t need to stress over harming the motor by coming up short on oil, either. The Honda EU2000i has a programmed oil ready that will close off the motor when the oil is low. You can be certain that the generator will give you clean force from the wave inverter innovation too. 

A few generators will overwhelm things like phone chargers and other touchy gadgets. The Honda EU2000i ensures you can utilize it for almost everything – large or small. On the entirety of the highlights, the Honda EU2000i accompanies a three-year guarantee. You will have the option to get a substitution if anything breaks or gets harmed inside the initial three years. 

Final Verdict

We think that having the best portable generator is a win-win situation for you. In a crisis, wheel it out, gas it up, pull the starter string, and you have your own smaller than expected electric plant. 

These units are not without their drawbacks, boss among them that you must be home to work them. Although, in case you’re in the market for portable power and attempting to choose what kind is suitable for you, here are the inquiries to pose. 

Ask yourself these questions, is the price a factor for you? If yes, then go for portable generators. Are you good with little power? If yes, then go for portable generators. What amount of risk are you willing to take? If little, then go for the portable generators. And lastly, are you ready to carry it around? If yes, then go for a portable generator right away!

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