8 Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup and Camping

Generators are undoubtedly the most useful device during power outages. They are the saviours for the electrical appliances in our house or machines and systems in the working space. But, you are here for the best Inverter Generator with an efficient performance that meets your demands. Well, we are going to serve you with the selective range of top 8 Best Inverter Generators that you can find in the market right now. 

Inverter Generators are the upgraded versions that can throttle the engine up and down based on the demands instead of consistent running. Thus, these are the most efficient generators with a minimum need for refilling the gas tank. Consequently, inverter generators also produce lower emissions and are very quiet.

If you are looking for a generator for your living space or working space where you prefer a quiet environment, these can be a great choice. Besides being silent and efficient, they are more reliable than any other generators in the same price range.  So, let’s dig deeper and know more about these devices in the Best Inverter Generator Review.

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8 Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup and Camping

Inverter Generators are mostly portable generators that supply clean power for sensitive devices. These Generators are also an excellent option for households and working space as they produce relatively less noise compared to others. Besides, having small footprints and more efficiency makes it a good travel companion.  Inverter Technology is also known to deliver variable power depending on the needs of the devices connected to it. 

wen Inverter Generator

With all these features, Inverter Generators are the most favourable option for the appliances that are commonly used. But, one should get the best Inverter Generator for all these peak benefits. Finding such a device with top-notch performance to meet your expectations is a challenging task these days. 

Thus we have ended up with the Best Inverter Generator reviews, including all the top-rated generators from reputed brands. With this review, we ensure a safe and sound performance no matter which product you pick. To make sure that the chosen Generator suits your requirements, we have infused a quick guide with clear-cut reviews. So, just go through this review to crack the best deal with the performance you expect from your inverter generator.

1. WEN 56203i (Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with fuel Shutoff)

WEN 56203i

WEN’s portable inverter generator is the top-rated device that delivers clean energy without voltage spikes and drops. If you are looking for a reliable inverter generator, WEN has everything to offer you to meet your expectations. Clean power supply means quiet Operation and thus the best choice for workspace and living place.

The 4-stroke OHV engine infused in it for generating electricity operates at 51 decibels at quarter load. Most Air Conditioners produce more noise than this Generator, which makes it quite efficient, with harmonic distortion limited to less than 1.2%.

With the limited maintenance feature, you can prevent blockage and use up the carburetor’s remaining fuel. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design of the Generator makes it easy to move the Generator anywhere.

Apart from all these tweaks on performance and build, the eco-mode feature lets you adjust the fuel consumption. Thus you can save money and prevent unnecessary gasoline usages.

Key Features
  • 2000 watt inverter generator
  • Clean and quiet power free from voltage spikes and drops
  • It can produce up to 2000 surge watts and 1700 rated watts of power
  • Operates at 79cc 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Extremely quiet Operation with 51 decibels at quarter load
  • Features fuel shut off feature to use remaining energy from the carburetor
  • Produces pure sine wave output for sensitive electronics
  • Provides over 7 hours of run time with a half load
  • Eco-mode switch for automatic fuel consumption adjustment
  • WEN parallel connection kit to share power at multiple units
  • Eco-mode switch works perfectly and increases the run time
  • Dedicated indicator lights to safeguard Generator and electronics
  • Fuel shut off feature is a beneficial addition
  • Comes with two straight years of warranty
  • Operation at high altitudes for large appliances is not as good as standard power supply
  • Control panel for three-pin plugs could be a bit wider for comfortable laptop charger placements

Verdict :

A sleek suitcase-like design with a compact and lightweight build makes it a favorable option for all kinds of users. If you are looking for a generator to be an alternative in emergencies, WEN 56203i is probably the best Inverter generator at this price range. From quiet Operation to decent run time for sensitive electronics, this feature-rich generator reigns the category.

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2. Champion 200954-4250 (RV Ready Open Frame Inverter Generator)

Champion 200954-4250

Champion brings in a feature-rich Inverter Generator with all-round performance after many upgrades to suit the consumer needs. This Open Frame Inverter Generator is a power-packed performer with industry-leading Quiet Technology. Thus, it ensures efficient performance with a Quiet Operation.

On the other hand, this 4250-Watt is incredibly capable of being RV Ready with cleans power and two USB Ports. Thus, you can plug-in any available electronics and charge them to full during power outages.

 Apart from the tweaks to power-up any devices, you can also rely on the run-time. This Open Frame Inverter Generator produces 3500 running watts and 4250 starting watts with 22 hours of run-time at quarter load. 

With less than 3% THD and a pure AC wave output supply, charging any sensitive electronics is relatively safe. On top of all these perks, compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move anywhere, even for outdoor usages.

Key Features
  • 4250-watt open frame inverter generator
  • Quiet Technology to cut the noise to half
  • Efficient mechanical design to reduce the footprint of weight by 20 percent
  • Starting power is 4250 watts
  • Running power is 3500 watts
  • 22 hours of run hours at a quarter the load
  • Operates at 64 dba from 23 feet
  • Produces clean power with less than 3 THD
  • Features Economy mode to monitor real-time power consumption
  • Fully assembled CARB compliant generator
  • Run time of 22 hours with 25% of the load
  • Safe to connect sensitive electronics as the power supply is relatively stable
  • The economy mode works excellent to reduce the electrical load
  • Comes with two handy 2.1 A USB ports
  • Quiet Technology works well, but its sound is more relatively to other competitors
  • Wheels can be beneficial with the open frame design of this inverter generator

Verdict :-

If you are looking for an inverter generator with the maximum run time possible, Champion will surely meet your expectations. With 22 hours of run time and pure sine wave output, you can rely on its performance with all your appliances. However, the build and open frame design look industrial. Additionally, three years of manufacturer warranty ensures long-lasting performance.  

3. Westinghouse iGen 2200 (Gas Powered Carb Compliant Portable Inverter Generator)

Westinghouse is the industry-leading manufacturers of Generators with over 130 years of experience. From groundbreaking technology to the most promising innovation, all their products are overall impressive. This iGen 2200 Portable Inverter Generator from Westinghouse is also one such trustworthy device with the best performance.

This Carb compliant generator can deliver power for your appliances wherever you want with operation volume as low as 52dbA.  Besides, clean and stable power with less than 3% of THD makes it ideal for sensitive electronics like mobile, TV, laptops, etc. 

On top of the performance and power delivery, the inverter’s lightweight and compact design is quite favorable. You can carry the Generator to literally anywhere with the handle having good ergonomics. Moreover, the suitcase like design makes it a classy device to carry along with your essentials.

Hassle-free transportation and small footprint feature are well complemented with the Westinghouse Inverter Parallel cord. With the enhanced fuel efficiency and overload protection features, parallel connection capability is quite favorable.

Key Features
  • Gas-powered Portable Inverter Generator
  • 12 hours of run time with 12 gallons of fuel
  • Parallel capable with Westinghouse Parallel cord
  • Quiet Operation as low as 52dBA
  • Built-in Suitcase-style handle
  • Stables power with less than 3% THD
  • Ideal for sensitive electronics with pure sine wave output
  • Compact and Lightweight with 46lbs
  • Comfortable control panel with all kinds of ports
  • Comes with a fuel control switch
  • Operates as low as 52 dba
  • 12 hours of run time with 1.2 Gal fuel Tank
  • Parallel capable with Westinghouse parallel cord
  • Pure AC output to power sensitive electronics like mobile, tablets and laptops, etc
  • Tank size is less when compared to others, but run time is pretty impressive
  • Lacks 12V outlets but possesses useful features for all requirements

Verdict :-

Westinghouse iGen 2200 is the best choice for you if you are looking for a decent performer in all categories. It has a good build with a compact footprint and lightweight design, making it easy to carry anywhere. Additionally, the run time is also pretty decent when compared to the size and price. With all these tweaks, three years of manufacturer warranty makes it the best Inverter generator in the budget range.

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4. Generac 76711 GP1200i (Elegant looking 1200 watt portable inverter generator)

Generac 76711 GP1200i

With the fully enclosed design and portable size, this inverter generator is one of the preferable devices for outings. Generac offers almost all kinds of features that a user requires during power outages. You can find every port needed for all types of electrical appliances in the generator’s control dock.

Being lightweight and compact, you can quickly shift it or carry it with you anywhere. The built-in hand has excellent ergonomics, and the suitcase design with bright color is the best combination.  

True Power Technology is quite impressive in providing clean and stable output to power sensitive devices. You can plug in almost every appliance starting from mobiles to refrigerators, to juice them up while power cuts.

Although this Generator’s run time is pretty decent compared to the size, you can also use economy mode. With economy mode, you can automatically adjust the engine speed to reduce sound emissions or save fuel as well.

Key Features
  • Fully enclosed portable inverter generator
  • Classy suitcase-type design
  • Quiet Operation
  • True power technology to deliver stable and clean power
  • Compact and lightweight build
  • Built-in handle for easy transportation
  • Economy mode to adjust engine speeds
  • Comes with LED indicator
  • Features covered outlets for additional protection.
  • Overload protection and low oil indication
  • A decent run time when compared to the size
  • The build is pretty favorable to carry along.
  • Comes with LED indicator for overload protection and oil detection
  • Quiet Operation with enclosed design
  • Fuel shut off feature would be great with this compact tank size.
  • Wheels could add-up the compact and lightweight design in the best way.

Verdict :-

If you are looking for a generator that you could carry with you anywhere with convenience, then this is for you. Besides, Generac infuses all kinds of safety features with the LED indicator. You can totally rely on this device for every single requirement that you expect from a generator. 

5. Briggs and Stratton P4500 (Electric Start smart inverter generator with quiet power technology)

Briggs & Stratton p4500

A generator with an easy setup is an excellent choice for household purposes, as anyone can use it during power outages. One such Inverter Generator is the smart Inverter Generator from Brigs and Stratton. Due to electric start, Operation is relatively easy and quick with just three steps.

All you have to do is turn on the fuel valve, press the active switch to turn on the display and press the start button. The same display also features a stop button to stop the power; thus, everything is so handy and easy to use. Moreover, the start/ stop button is enough to see whether the Generator is ready to use. 

Inverter technology in it ensures smoother power output for sensitive electronics. Thus, you can charge mobiles, tablets, laptops, and drones without damaging battery life. The presence of USB ports is also a great addition, as you won’t need a separate charge brick to charge your devices. 

Apart from all these features, advanced protection from the shell and a stealth design make it enlisted in the Top-8 Best Inverter Generators. Furthermore, this smart inverter generator also comes equipped with a telescopic handle and wheels to carry it anywhere without any inconvenience.

Key Features
  • Electric start smart Generator
  • Quiet power technology for silent Operation
  • Stealth design with a protective shield
  • Comes with a Telescopic handle to carry it anywhere
  • Wheels make it easy to transport without any efforts.
  • One-touch start and three steps to use the Generator
  • Comes with two USB ports
  • Inverter technology for smooth power to sensitive electronics
  • Multifunctional display panel for monitoring
  • Features CO Guard Carbon monoxide technology
  • One-touch access makes the Operation relatively easy and convenient
  • The telescoping handle makes transportation convenient.
  • The multifunctional display panel is favorable to monitor essential aspects.
  • Comes with USB ports and all other ports to connect different devices
  • A parallel connectivity feature would be great, but it is efficient enough.
  • Devices may charge slowly, but the run time is enough to charge any devices fully.

Verdict :-

Brigs and Stratton P4500 is an all-round performer in the portable generator category with the best-in-class features. It can be a great companion for your outings to charge your essential devices. The easy-to-start feature also favors household purposes.

6. PowerSmart PS5020 (Super Quiet portable inverter Generator with Fuel Shut Off)

This Portable Inverter Generator from PowerSmart is the most reliable device for outdoor electricity supply. From manufacturing clean energy to damage prevention features, it has all kinds of capabilities suiting your needs. Thus, you can juice up any variety of electrical appliances or sensitive electronics without any inconvenience. 

A portable power station is featured in this Generator to charge drones, laptops, mini-cooler, and all outdoor electronics. This station includes a 2″ AC outlet, two USB ports, and 1″ DC carport to suit your requirements in camps and outstays. 

This 2000 watt generator from PowerSmart comes equipped with a four-stroke OHV Single cylinder engine. With a forced-air cooling system and spark plug gap, its engine is efficient enough to power up all kinds of standard electronics on the go. 

On top of all these features, PowerSmart also comes with a sleek design with a suitcase handle for easy transport. So, you don’t need to worry about carrying it to your picnic spots or campfire spot. It has a small footprint and can easily fit in your car.

Key Features
  • Carb Compliant Portable Inverter Generator
  • Fuel shutoff with 2000 watt of power
  • Four-stroke OHV single-cylinder engine
  • Forced air cooling system to protect the device from overheating
  • Lightweight and compact size Generator
  • Clean energy for power-sensitive electronics
  • 1700 wattage with starting wattage of 2000W
  • Gasoline-powered Generator
  • Features two 5V USB ports
  • Less than 1.2% of harmonic distortion
  • Very quiet and unnoticeable outdoors
  • The power station has almost every port required for outings.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Safe for laptops, drones, mobiles, and other sensitive electronics
  • Wheels could be a great addition, but it is pretty lightweight.
  • Doesn’t support large appliance and is meant for outdoor applications

Verdict :-

PowerSmart PS5020 Inverter Generator is a perfect outdoor companion and can be a great choice if you are looking for outdoor stays with all your essentials. It produces clean energy and is totally safe for sensitive electronics. Besides, two straight years of warranty make it completely reliable and trustworthy with long-lasting performance.

7. A-iPower SC2000iREC (Yamaha 2000-Watt Inverter Generator)

A-iPower SC2000iREC

Yamaha is one of the most reliable brands that supply world-class engines for automobiles and Generators. This A-iPower 200 watt inverter generator comes equipped with Yamaha’s engine, reflecting the trust factor. Not only engine performance, but this Generator also ensures consistent and reliable power.

On the other hand, the inverter technology used in this Generator is quite impressive. It can provide 1600 watts of clean power so that you can charge your sensitive devices like mobile phones. Not only regular devices, even hospitals, and scientific equipment, can be charged with this Generator without any damages. 

Apart from the power delivery feature, this inverter generator weighs 50lbs product. Thus, it is an excellent addition for camping and temporary disaster relief or during power outages in a living place or working space. Nonetheless, this Generator’s Operation is quite simple and thus favorable for instant usages during essential needs.

Furthermore, you can totally rely on this inverter generator’s run-time with the most reliable engine in it. It can give 4 to 8 hours of run time at 50% of 100% of load, which is quite impressive when compared with its size.

Key Features
  • Portable Generator 79cc Yamaha Engine
  • Featured Advanced inverter technology
  • Provides 1600 watts for clean power
  • Safe for sensitive electronics like mobile, drones and laptops, etc
  • Safe for high sensitive electronics such as hospital equipment and scientific equipment
  • Weighs 50 lbs and perfect for RV camping
  • An excellent handle to carry the Generator anywhere.
  • 1.1. gal fuel tank
  • Provides 4 to 8 hours of run time at 50% or 100% load
  • Variable engine speed based on electrical demand
  • Provides decent run time when compared with the portable size
  • The engine is pretty efficient for continuous power supply
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Safe for sensitive devices
  • The noise of the Generator is more compared to competitors but is unnoticeable in outdoor
  • Lacks dedicated ports for specific devices that are commonly used

Verdict :

A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator is an all-around performer supporting all kinds of essential requirements. Thus, if you are ok with renewed products, this portable Generator is a great choice. Intriguing features with efficient Yamaha engine makes the most reliable portable inverter generator.

8. Pulsar G2319N (Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator)

This G2319N Inverter Generator from Pulsar is probably one of the best inverter generators with quiet Operation.  It features Quiet Inverter Technology, using which the Operation will produce less than 59 decibels of sound.  Besides, it has a classy suitcase design with a lightweight and compact build to transport anywhere at ease.

This portable Generator weighs less than 4.7 lbs, thus making it one of the lightest inverter generators out there. In spite of having a compact build, it has an impressive run time of over 4.5 hours. Moreover, all the Operation occurs at 2,300 peak watts, thus making it capable of all aspects. 

Apart from all the features and performance tweaks, this Generator comes with stable Sinewave technology. Pure sine wave output makes it safe for sensitive electronics. Thus you can charge your mobile phones, tablets, and drones as well.

Key Features
  • Sleek and elegant design with white accents on it
  • Compact and lightweight build for easy transportation
  • Handle with great ergonomics to carry it anywhere
  • The operation takes place at 2,300 peak watts.
  • Running power is 1,800 watts.
  • 4.8 hours of run time with a half load
  • Can store 1.8 gallons of fuel
  • Stable sine wave technology for sensitive electronics
  • Safe for small 120v appliances
  • Best for Tailgating and camping
  • Compact suitcase-type design with a classy look
  • Sine wave technology is excellent to charge sensitive electronics out there
  • Parallel connection capability is excellent to power large appliances
  • The handle is pretty good to travel with the Generator anywhere
  • Run time is pretty less compared to the competitors but portable and lightweight
  • Repair and replacing the parts will take a lot of time


If you are looking for a quiet portable generator with the ease of carrying anywhere, Pulsar nails all those features effectively. It can be an excellent choice for your essential requirements in your outings or during power outages in your house.

Buying Guide :- Essential factors to consider before buying Inverter Generator

By now, you are indeed familiar with all the specs and pros & cons of all the top-rated inverter generators in the market right now. Besides, you must also be clear whether the product suits your requirements from verdicts. Before finalizing a product from any brand, make sure to compare some essential factors that the best option must possess.

One should acknowledge and compare some essential factors with all available options to get the best deal. Some of the ordinary yet critical factors that one should indeed consider before buying an Inverter Generator include

Type of Inverter Generator :- (Based On Requirements)

There are several types of Inverter Generators, and each of them is meant for a particular application. Most Generators reflect their capabilities based on the power rate they operate on.

For instance, a 1000 watt inverter generator is best for home usage or small appliances like coffee makers, mobile phones, laptops, etc. A 2000 watts generator is capable of running more than one device simultaneously. Thus, you can juice up your mobile, laptop, tablet, and a mini-fridge as well. Furthermore, a 3000 watts generator is capable of running heavy-duty appliances for camper or travel trailers efficiently.

So, based on the operation power, there are three different inverter generators, from which you should select one for your requirements.

Compact models :-

Compact Inverter Generators are the ones capable of delivering a maximum of 1000 watts of power. It is enough to power one large appliance or two sensitive appliances simultaneously. For instance, you can charge your laptop and then connect the coffee maker for hot coffee outdoors.

Inverter Generator compact models

As the name suggests, these are compact and lightweight in size and thus are the best travel companion for instant electricity. It can juice up your essential appliances anytime, even when you are chilling with your friends beside a campfire. The quiet operation of these generators won’t disturb your conversation as well.

Small models :-

Small Inverter Generators are the ones that can produce 2000 watts of power. This power is enough for a television or a blender but not both at the same time. But, if you want to juice up your sensitive electrical appliances or medical equipment, it is excellent for multitasking.

You can find enough ports in the control dock of these generators to power up more than one device. These generators are relatively heavier than the small models, but you can carry them anywhere easily.  If you can find a small inverter generator on wheels and a collapsible handle, it is the best option to have for sure.

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Medium models :-

Medium Generators are the generators producing 3000watts or above for heavy-duty appliances. These are the heavy machines that can serve for industrial purposes or complete residential applications.

With these inverter generators, you can run an air condition with a microwave at ease. However, if you are looking for a generator to serve you outdoors, then these can power your entire machinery and camping setup at ease. 

Fuel Efficiency :-

After choosing the type of Generator, one of the distinguishing factors that one should look for. Generally, generators with inverter technology are more fuel-efficient than normal ones. The reason behind being fuel-efficient is the smart Technology that delivers the power based on the device needs.  

Inverter Generator fuel

Thus, unlike other generators, these generators won’t waste excess energy for a single device, thus saving fuel significantly. Besides, inverter generators can also control the engine speed according to the power needed. All other generators apart from inverter generators run at one speed that is set by default, thus waste more power in unwanted spaces.

However, now as we are about to choose the best inverter generator, make sure to select the one with efficient inverter technology.  Besides, make sure that the Generator’s critical feature enlists continuous power delivery to ensure fuel efficiency. 

Connectivity to power up :-

After fuel efficiency and the maximum capacity of the inverter generator are ticked off; now you should look for good connectivity options. A right power supplier is one having dedicated Technology to power up all kinds of electronics.

Honda eu2000i protable generator

Having inverter technology makes it entirely safe for sensitive electronics, but there should be ports for all kinds of devices. Look for at least 2 USB ports followed by a minimum of two power ports to plug in the chargers. Additionally, the placement of these ports is essential if you want to juice-up more multiple devices simultaneously.  

Ease of use :-

Although Generators are the saviors during power outages, their capability can be proven only when it operates at the right time. Complex methods to start an inverter generator can waste a lot of time.  

One shouldn’t choose such a generator with a lengthy procedure, no matter how efficiently it performs.  Push start option is most common these days to start an inverter generator, but most devices lack it.  Prefer one such inverter generator with one key access or push the start button to save your time and get the most out of it.  

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Monitoring Capabilities :-

No matter which model of inverter generator you choose, it is essential to look at the power supply and wattage. The best way to ensure proper wattage and proper power delivery is to have a digital wattage meter.

WEN Generator Starting

This helps in monitoring every essential aspect required for power production and supply to the devices. A proper control panel followed by a digital wattage meter is probably a great combination for an efficient inverter generator.

Safety features :-

One of the crucial features that an inverter Generator must-have is a dedicated safety feature. Features like overload protection and protection from voltage surges are essential in the inverter generator. 

Make sure to look for features like overload protection to ensure your device is safe to use. Inverter technology is generally equipped with a dedicated overload protection circuit or circuit breaker circuits. However, all the products mentioned above are equipped with proper safety features. Thus, you won’t need to look for the safety feature separately.

Size and weight of the inverter generator :-

Apart from the inverter generator’s performance and operation, size and weight are an essential factor. The reason to prefer inverter generators is that they are portable enough to be carried along to camps or outings.  

Hassle-free experience can be justified only when a reliable performance gets complimented with a favorable size as well. Thus, make sure that your chosen Generator is compact and lightweight enough to carry anywhere at ease.

However, it would be best if a compact generator has a good run time with decent fuel capacity. Inverter technology is usually fuel-efficient, but make sure to get the best run time in the price range you choose.

Quiet Operation :-

While using a generator, you certainly won’t want to disturb your neighbors. Thus quiet Operation is a significant factor behind a good inverter generator. Go for the best-in-class quiet Technology if you are looking for a generator for your house.   

An enclosed model with a protective shield is an excellent option in this case. Outdoor conditions reduce the sound emitted from a generator to a great extent and make it unnoticeable. But, silent Operation is always a favorable option to have in an inverter generator.

After-sales service :-

Warranty period says a lot about the product and the brands’ trust in their products. Choosing the Generator with a full warranty is undoubtedly a good thing.

But, one should also look for the availability of service centers and the brand’s service. The best way to do this is to go through the reviews posted by the previous customers. However, by choosing a product from those eight options, you won’t have the trust problem as they are all particular products from reputed brands.

Price of the inverter generator :-

Lastly, you should make sure that the chosen inverter generator is the best deal in its price range. You can get a clear view of the budget needed to buy an inverter generator by going through the top-8 products mentioned above. 

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Some superior features that leave all other competitors behind are compromisable on the pricey side. Before deciding to compromise on your budget and cross the line, be sure that the product is the best value for your money. Considering all these essential factors and choosing one product from the above reviews, you can end up with the best deal for sure.

Who is the winner?

Now that you have gone through the best inverter generator review, you are indeed familiar with the features of top-rated devices. Thus, you can easily filter out the generators that suit your requirements and meet your expectations. Besides, you should be familiar with the fact that no best device can meet all kinds of users’ expectations. Considering all the products mentioned above, you can choose an all-around performer infused with all kinds of essential features. WEN’s portable inverter generator can be a close call to a perfect inverter generator with the best-in-class features.

It has a classy design with a compact and lightweight build so that you can carry the Generator with you anywhere easily. Besides, the real sine wave output makes it safe for sensitive electronics, which means anything can be charged safely.

The inverter technology with maximum power delivery and efficient build ensure a consistent power supply. All these features, accompanied by the overload protection and digital wattage meter for monitoring, makes it a reliable choice.

If you are looking for a portable inverter generator packed with all intriguing features to fulfill all your needs, it is the best choice. The safety features, power supply, and compatibility, etc., will never let you down.

Apart from all these tweaks, three years of manufacturer warranty makes it a pretty reliable and trustworthy option in the market. However, if you are looking for a true portable-sized Inverter generator, Westinghouse can serve you the best. Similarly, the champion inverter generator is the leading device with a maximum run time.

If you are specific with your requirements, such as battery life or weight, or portability, you can easily choose a suitable device. It is always good to look for an all-around performer with excellent performance and the right design for long-lasting performance.


Q1. Which inverter generator should I prefer for ease of use?

All portable inverter generators are pretty easy to use. If you are specifically looking for the best inverter generator, then go for electric start models. Briggs and Stratton have got the top class generators with easy to use features. With three simple steps, you can not only start the Generator but also power your devices easily. Besides, it releases pure sine wave output and thus safe for sensitive electronics as well.

Q2. Should I go for compact generators or medium-sized generators?

It depends on your requirements. If you require a generator to power your kitchen appliances like the coffee maker and toaster, a compact model would be enough. With the maximum power output of 1000 watts, it can easily power either of them. However, you can use multiple sensitive electronics simultaneously with it. On the other hand, medium-sized are for large appliances with a maximum power output of 3000 watts.

Q3. Which inverter generator is best for outdoor stays?

If you are planning for a campfire or a picnic in the countryside, a portable inverter generator is the best option. Compact size accompanied by the maximum power output of 100 watts is favorable to juice up all the electronics with you. Likewise, you can power your mobile phone, drone, and coffee makers separately with a compact generator. They are lightweight and easy to carry, as well.

Q4. Are inverter generators suitable for kitchen appliances?

Definitely, inverter generators are the best choice for kitchen appliances. Inverter technology is smart Technology specially designed to deliver fuel-efficient performance. Using this technology, the generators’ engine speed can be controlled, enhancing the generator’s efficiency. One of the best things about preferring an inverter generator is the overload protection and pure sine-wave output.

Q5. Can I repair an inverter generator myself?

Inverter generators are basically the smart devices that run on complex circuitry for efficient performance. Thus repairing such an appliance would be a lengthy task for you if you have no knowledge about it. However, the best solution is to look for a service center near your location. Most modern inverter generators come with a minimum of 2 years of warranty so that repair won’t be a problem for you.


By now, you should be familiar with everything an inverter generator should offer and possibly choose the best inverter generator as well. We have delivered a one-stop solution for all the confusion you may encounter while buying an inverter generator.

Follow the steps thoroughly to end up cracking the best deal from the market with the proper value for your money. The expert’s buying guide with a few essential features mentioned above must acknowledge the chosen Generator’s quality.

Compare the critical Features followed by the Pros and Cons of all the eight devices to choose the device suiting your requirements. Nonetheless, all the devices mentioned above are the best options in their own category. So, you won’t need as much effort or time to finalize the best products that will meet your expectations.

Anyhow, it is best not to compromise on the essential factors when it comes to price as they are the crucial aspects of a generator. With this Best Inverter Generator Review, your choice will be superior to others with an assured all-round performance.

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